The Karate Union Of Australia, who we are....

K.U.A. is an Australian organisation made up of separate, independent organisations operating within each participating State and Territory. We are affiliated with major international organisations and enjoy recognition of our philosophies, training methods and standards of excellence in teaching and competition world-wide.

We are a largely non-profit organisation, banded together in the true spirit of Karate-Do, for the purpose of teaching, learning and perfecting the art of traditional Shotokan Karate.

Our "Dojo Kun" or Club Principles are repeated by all Karateka at every training session.

  • To strive for perfection of character

  • To defend the paths of truth and sincerity

  • To foster the spirit of effort

  • To honour the principles of etiquette

  • To seek and display self-control

Some associate Karate with fighting and violence. This is merely stigma. Karate is not a fighting style, it is a lifestyle. If you ask experienced Karateka the reasons for which they practice Karate, the answers will most likely be as follows....

  • Fitness of the body

  • Sense of fun and friendly competition

  • Attitude towards others and self

  • Harmony between mind, spirit, body, balance, happiness

Only after these will an dedicated Karateka speak of defence.

Our National Executive...

Shihan Carl Marriott (6th Dan)

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K.U.A. National Chief Instructor / National Team Coach, Representative of Universal Karate - Japan.


Sensei Marriott dedicates himself to K.U.A and train's five days a week. Sensei Marriott has represented Australia and W.A. in the Australian Karate Federation in both Kumite and Kata. He has also been involved with international competition at the highest levels for many years.

Sensei Michael Clay (3rd Dan)

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K.U.A. New South Wales.


Sensei Michael Clay has been a member of K.U.A. for over 20 years and has spent much of that time developing a reputation for excellence in state and national level competition. Sensei Michael is also recognised and respected for his talent as a coach and teacher.


Today Sensei Michael dedicates a great deal of his time to lifting and maintaining the standards of teaching and grading within K.U.A. to keep in step with International Shotokan levels.

Sensei Todd Marriott (4th Dan)

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K.U.A. Western Australia.



Sensei Todd Marriott continues to make his mark in the Martial Arts community as a teacher and competitor of exceptional quality.


While continuing to run his own Dojo, Sensei Todd dedicates his time to the pursuit of Kobudo (traditional weapons), and is recognised as an accomplished instructor. Even with this schedule, Sensei Todd manages the Western Australian State interests of K.U.A.

Sensei Brian Koenig (3rd Dan)

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K.U.A. Queensland.


Sensei Brian Koenig is a respected and experienced teacher and senior instructor of K.U.A. He has most often been recognised for his contributions to National and International competition for his students of all ages.


Although continuing to teach his many students, his dedication to National competition interests remains a priority. Sensei Brian manages the Queensland State interests of K.U.A.

Sensei Andrew MacNeil (4th Dan)

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K.U.A. South Australia.


Having only recently taken up the presidency of his state, Sensei MacNeil has already gained a reputation as one of the most likeable characters among the Shotokan Fraternity.


With both teaching and competition experience spanning 3 decades, Sensei MacNeil's dedication to the perfection of his art is unmistakable. He is a respected and highly valued member of our National Executive.